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Free Cultural Assesment

Eric Schleien and Wayne Clancy are happy to offer a free cultural assesment. Please see below for the offer.

The Offer

Eric Schleien and Wayne Clancy through Tribal Coaching are offering teams, organizations and communities a complimentary cultural assessment.

You can engage as many of your team as you like and you will receive a two page summary report and also see how your organization / department / function / community identifies priorities, and where they are aligned or misaligned on your own private dashboard.

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What Is It?

The 'Culture Gap Index' is an intuitive instrument that enables organizations, communities and/or specific teams to align and optimize their ‘Human Element’ for sustainable performance.

It simplifies the complex people environment and provides non-debatable analytics to leverage areas of high performance, identify problem areas, identify priority diversity and reveal misalignment between locations, divisions, functions, departments and groups.

Often, our clients refer to it as the stabilizing 3rd leg of the data stool that works well with financial and operating data.

It enables you and your team to create a non debatable ongoing 'Culture Performance' measurement system.

Eric Schleien - Culture Gap Index

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