The Mindsuite Algorithm

Mindsuite has developed an algorithm which acts as a breakthrough cultural or organizational diagnostic instrument.

The vast majority of organizational diagnostics, for example, the DISC profile, or, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, measure differences. The Mindsuite GPS Indicator offers a dramatically different philosophy of measuring, and therefore, managing, in the interest of improved efficiencies.

In contradistinction to the standard diagnostic, The Mindsuite GPS Indicator, and, the Cultural Gap Index are measurements designed to reflect the alignment of members of a given organization or group. This is a game changer. The Mindsuite Algorithm is re-administered every six weeks to track the progress of the group.

Through the Mindsuite Algorithm, we see that regardless of differences of opinion, political viewpoints, religious positioning, or other issues, members of a given group are actually already always aligned on roughly 80% of pertinent key issues. This knowledge illustrates a Pareto Distribution of Alignment and makes available a breakthrough in the way managers think about efficiency and effectiveness.

All data collected is confidential and each member of the group has his or her own private dashboard. Each person can readily see where they are in alignment with their group, and, where they are an outlier.

The manager/ leader can also see where people are aligned and which projects render the ‘low hanging fruit’. Managing from the algorithm gives (already always aligned) members of the group an experience of effectively working together to accomplish the group goal.

The principle of this natural outcome is, ‘aligned goals reinforce collaboration'.

By assigning 'already always aligned’ people to work together, the manager/ leader builds confidence in the work culture and in the organization’s system. Once that key relationship of people working together with confidence and effectiveness is established, the leader can then introduce more and more challenging projects for the members of the group to work on together.

Well informed, small, aligned, partnered actions lead to giant effective group and team gains.

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